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Japan Junky is a website devoted to everything Japanese. That includes interest pieces, travel guides, even cultural commentary.

10 Unpopular but Awesome Places to Visit During Your Trip to Tokyo

A Foreigner's Guide to Surviving Japanese Culture Shock

A Gambler's Guide to Japan Where Gambling Is Illegal but Isn't

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Can You Drink the Tap Water in Japan?

Essential Tips on Getting Used to Japanese Culture as a Foreigner in Japan

From Robots to Religion—the Real Reasons Why Japan Is a Developed Country

From Samurai to Submarines—the Past, Present and Future of the Japanese Armed Forces

From Slippers to Shinto—20 Surprising Facts About Japanese Culture

Go by Bullet Train! How to Buy a JR Pass in Japan

Here's Why Japan's Birth Rate Is Decreasing Despite Government Efforts

How Japan Took Control of Korea, the History of a Complicated Relationship

How Long Is a Flight to Japan?

How Manga Is More Mainstream Than Anime in Japan

How Ramen Noodles Are Made

How to Live in Japan

Is There Walmart in Japan—How to Get Your Shopping Done in the Land of the Rising Sun

Japanese Snacks That You Might Bring Back With You From Japan

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Museums and More, Things to Do in Shinjuku

Reasons Why You Should Learn Japanese Before Traveling to Japan

Shop Till You Drop, Things to Do in Ginza

The Beliefs and Practices of Japanese Shintoism Explained

The Best Hotels in Shinjuku—a Guide for Value and Luxury Stays

The Best Sushi in Ginza—30 Unforgettable Restaurants

The Best Way to Travel in Japan

The Differences Between Japanese Dialects

The History of Christmas in Japan—From Secret Celebrations to Colonel Sanders

The History of Japanese Clothing

The History of the Japanese Yen

The Most Unique and Interesting Restaurants to Visit in Akihabara

What Type of Government Does Japan Have?

Why Do the Japanese Use Kanji?

Why Does Japan's Flag Have a Red Dot on It, The History of Hinomaru

Why Eating Raw Seafood Is So Popular in Japan

Why Is Japan Called the Land of the Rising Sun?

Why Is Japan an Empire?

Why Is Japanese Hard to Learn? Ways to Master a Seemingly Difficult Language

Why Japan Has So Many Earthquakes—Atop the Ring of Fire

Will Japan Ever Be Multicultured? The Long Road to Multiculturalism

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