Project Updates - July 24, 2019

I’ve been in the zone this month writing. I’ve had some freelance work, but mostly I’ve been working on Cajun Run, which unfortunately means Engine of Ruin has been on the back burner.

Engine of Ruin

Slowly but surely, my novel is coming together.

Engine of Ruin (working title) is a space opera/western set a few hundred years in the future after two interplanetary wars have left the Sol system too economically bankrupt to afford interstellar travel. The protagonist, Eloy, is a clone originally produced to combat population collapse after the wars, but his escape from growing anti-clone sentiment gets him recruited onto the crew of a new interstellar ship built by a wealthy terraforming engineer setting out to visit a previously colonized star system no one has been in contact with for over 100 years.

The first chapter is finished. The second chapter is also finished but needs to be edited and tightened a bit. I haven’t done much work this month because I’ve been writing Cajun Run, but now it’s time to edit chapter two and rewrite chapter three.

Short Stories

I have a couple of short stories in the pipeline. Although, I don’t know when I’ll get around to them.

Cajun Run

Cajun Run (working title) is a short story based on a dream I had. Johnnie is the newest member of an interstellar crew running narcotics from a backwater planet to Earth. When he discovers a police tracker has been placed on the ship, he gets caught in a political web that extends far beyond simple drug smuggling.

I just finished the first draft. Now I’m going to set it aside for a while then go back to edit it.

Don’t Feed the Animals

Don’t feed the animals (working title) is another short story based on a dream I had. Tell is a crew member of an interstellar carnival ship that finds itself stranded without supplies when they visit several planets whose inhabitants have mysteriously disappeared during their near-lightspeed journey. When it comes to deciding whether to eat the animals, Tell finds himself caught between the security officer Lucas and his good friend Olalla.

Forthcoming Stories

Nor Gloom of Night

Nor Gloom of Night is a flash fiction piece about an elderly woman in the distant future who tries to send a letter across the galaxy using a forever stamp. I finished it a couple weeks ago, and now I’m sending it out to publications.


Shut-Ins is the story of the last two surviving children of a colonization mission populated entirely by frozen embryos grown on-planet. I’ve just finished the galleys, and it will be coming out in Analog Science Fiction & Fact’s September/October 2019 issue.


Immeasurable is the story of a brilliant physics graduate from BYU in Provo, Utah, coping with her recent miscarriage. It comes out in Weber State’s literary journal The Contemporary West spring 2020.

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