Are polo shirts a trend or simply timeless?

I remember my first school uniform. It was khaki pants and a Polo embroidered with the name of the school and a picture of our mascot–an eagle. To keep from being too monotonous, the Polos came in a variety of colours. That kept us happy, but it maintained the professional and uniform look of the student body.

That was well over twenty years ago, but I’ve never felt the need to ditch the Polo. In fact, they’ve made plenty of appearances in my summer camp uniforms, work clothes and even a few date outfits.

If you’re looking to put your brand on a flagship article for your business, you might be wondering whether Polos are just a momentary trend or if they’re timeless like t-shirts. At Printsome we always have our eye on the fashion of the day, especially when it comes to business. Here we’ve taken a look at Polo shirts and what they can do for your fashion line.

Are Polos trendy or are they always in style?

Well, the answer to that question is actually a little bit of both.

There’s never been a time that you’d look bad in a Polo shirt. Especially when it comes to those business-casual events, you can’t go wrong with a Polo no matter the decade.

Still, you might have noticed a lot more Polos on the streets in recent years. They aren’t just the safe go-to you keep in the wardrobe for work parties or interviews, they’re a cornerstone of contemporary fashion. This is great news for anyone looking to start a fashion line because it minimizes your risk. Tap into the current trends with an article that you don’t have to worry will fall out of favour either. There will always be some demand for the Polo.

To understand why, let’s go over the practical history of Polo shirt. Then, read up on exactly how it can benefit any fashion line.


As you can probably guess, Polo shirts trace their origins back to the sport of polo, itself coming from India during the time of the British Empire. By the end of the 19th Century, sport was becoming important for the wealthy, but they still wanted to look nice. The polo shirt filled this role, combining the comfort and mobility of short sleeves with stylish fabric, collars and buttons, something that keeps them popular to this day.

Throughout the 20th Century, the use of the shirt spread from polo to tennis, Rugby and even golf. As the posh continued to dress to look sporty, their polo shirts became more than just athletic wear. They became the crux of the business-casual look.

Current style

When I think of the early 90s, I think of polo shirts and boat shorts. If you look around these days, things might look familiar. Polo shirts have never really gone out of style. I’ve always had one or two in my wardrobe for those days I need to look professional but feel casual. That said, that preppy look has really come back into vogue in the last few years.

The global recession in 2008 prompted a resurgence of simple, practical fashion, and nothing fits that mold like a Polo shirt. Ten years later, it’s all about being handsome. Flashiness and peacocking has fallen by the wayside, and a minimalist outfit that just makes you look good is all the rage.

Take a look at current celebrities. From athletes like David Beckham to a-list actors like Leonardo DiCaprio, it’s easy to find the stars keeping their wardrobe concise and handsome.

Here’s Leo at a high-profile event, the US Open. Check out his simple but stylish navy blue Polo.

Here’s another example of Polos making their way into high men’s fashion. Bradley Cooper sports a Louis Vuitton Polo for a GQ photoshoot.

As you can see, even though a Polo has always been a necessity for any man who might need a quick way to look nice, the preppy trend has really made its way back to the forefront of fashion.

Benefits and uses

Like a lot of fashionable clothing, polo shirts stick around because they’re also practical.

The short sleeves keep you cool, even if you’re running around outside. Remember my old school uniforms? I played a brilliant goalkeeper everyday on the playground without discomfort. Even the cuffed sleeves are ideal for sport.

The collar can be buttoned up for a professional look or left open for better shoulder mobility.

They look good tucked in or left out, which makes them highly versatile.

And don’t forget, Polo shirts are still great for their original purpose: doing sport without dressing down. Even if you don’t play polo, Polo shirts are perfect for a day at the golf course or tennis club, and they even go great with swim trunks for a day at the beach.

Roles for Polos in your fashion line

Because of the high versatility of Polos, they can really fill out your fashion line. They work best in the business-casual niche, but you can also sell them from all kinds of angles. First, consider the two different Polo knittings and what you can use them for.


Jersey is the less expensive option. Essentially, it’s the same fabric as a t-shirt. Your customers can purchase several units, perhaps different colours, all for a great price. They make a great base for a comfortable and affordable outfit that goes can go with slacks and a sweater or just on its own with jeans.


Piqué is the higher-quality option. It’s got a soft waffle texture and breathes really well. This fabric is great to embroider with your brand and otherwise let stand by itself. Let your customers know they can look stylish and still be comfortable.

These shirts are a lifestyle piece. Your customers want that posh look of a fashion-savvy trendsetter just come off the golf course or tennis court. Give it to them.


If you’re building a fashion line, both of these Polos can make a great backbone. They’re stylish but versatile, stand-alone while combinable. Printsome has over five years of experience printing and embroidering Polos. No matter how you plan to market your clothes, Printsome has flexible service especially designed for entrepreneurs.

More importantly, we deliver all over the UK with services that adapt to your needs. Printsome takes care of all the logistics so you don’t have to worry about anything but fashion.

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